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Hehkua liikunnasta

Hehkua Liikunnasta ry. is the southern Finland roof organization for health sports, designed for those active people, who like to take care of themselves. The aim of the organization is to activate people and to have them do sports and exercise for their own good, so that they can feel the joy of sports, while spending time with others in the natural environment.


The Hehkua Liikunnasta- events are enriching the whole year. The chain of sports events is aimed at those who like to take care of themselves, and for those who seek to find new experiences in the nature. The events are designed for all ages and for the whole family. During the events the participants can have fun in the clean natural environment, moving and enjoying the spirit of mass happenings and the spirit of joy emanating from the others.


Hehku- events are a fresh option if you want to test your health, spend time with friends, or take care of customer relationships in a different way. The events are run without the taste of blood in your mouth or a number tag in your chest. Participating in Hehku- events is always about fun, not competition.


In addition to well organized and unique events, you’ll get valuable experiences about nature, new strength and well-being, as well as a chance to test your limits, have positive experiences and so much more. You’ll also get a chance to see the Finnish nature during all the seasons. You might even find yourself a new hobby with the healthy sports. And that’s really not a bad thing. The main thing isn’t winning – at least anyone else than yourself.


Actions today – health tomorrow!


Markku Juhola

The chairman of Hehkua Liikunnasta ry.



Hehku- events consist of eleven  different nature sports events. All the events are non-competitive activities located at Häme area. The events form a chain through the year and encourage people to move and take care of their health during all seasons.


Monnin hiihto (a skiing event)

Monnin hiihto is a yearly event, consisting of several routes through Hausjärvi, Hyvinkää and Riihimäki. The event has also been a challenge match between Riihimäki and Hyvinkää, and Hausjärvi has been included to the challenge, as most of the routes go through Hausjärvi. You can choose your starting point as well as the length of the route.


Kylärinkipyöräily (a cycling event)

Kylärinkipyöräily is an event designed for the whole family. There you can choose your own route and the pace of cycling. The routes go through rural sceneries composed of fields and forests, and the other traffic on the roads is quite scarce. Many of the resting places are historical buildings and sight-seeing targets by their own rights. It’s easy to participate as there is no entry fee or sign-up required. Also, you can start from any point. You’ll receive a map and a participation card from the start-up points. The shortest routes are 10 km long, but if you plan to go through the whole tour, it’ll be about 100 km long.


Mommilanjärven soutelu (a rowing event)

Mommilanjärvi rowing event offers pleasant experiences in the summer Finland. The event is a nice way to enjoy doing things together, and to come and meet old friends and to make new ones. The rowing event offers an excellent opportunity to hone your relations with whatever group you are going there with. The side activities of the event include things for the whole family; there’s music, dancing, a country market, guided tours and a play park for children. The rowing event has gathered about 1000 participants on the previous years just as the rowing teams, and more just to see things on the beach side. The event is just for fun, without any real competition.


The costs of Mommilanjärven soutelu are: 36 € for participation + the optional fee of renting a boat or a canoe.


Asemajuoksu (a railway station run) 

At Riihimäki Railways  Station together with other activities


Poronpolku (a trekking event)

Poronpolku is a trekking event located in Loppi, taking you through hills, marshes, forests and shores of the local lakes. Easing the treks are some stairs and woodways built into the cliffs and marshes. There are 5 routes available, ranging from 5 km to 30 km in length. There will be refreshments on sale at certain points of the routes.



Sports Secretary of Hausjärvi
Jari Kovanen
040 3306780

Jari Kovanen
Hausjärven kunta
12100 Oitti


Chairman of Hehkua Liikunnasta ry.
Markku Juhola
0400 444714

Markku Juhola
Jokiniityntie 51
12130 Mommila